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The last documentary interview given by Professor Stephen Hawking, the world’s most celebrated scientitst, prior to his death. 

Since he was a teenager growing up in Ireland, comedian and science presenter Dara O Briain was fascinated with Stephen Hawking, and remembers voraciously consuming A Brief History of Time on its publication. Now, decades later, Dara had the opportunity to spend time with his boyhood hero in the days leading up to the world premiere of the movie made about Hawking’s life, The Theory of Everything. 


Filmed on location at Professor Hawking’s home in Cambridge, his workplace at the University of Cambridge, and in London, the programme shows how Stephen and Dara bond over their shared love of science…and comedy, as Professor Hawking offers Dara a joke for his routine that only the world’s leading theoretical physicist could come up with. Produced with the co-operation of the Hawking family, the programme also includes interview testimony from Professor Hawking’s children Lucy and Tim, his peers Thomas Hertog and Kip Thorne, and the stars of The Theory of Everything Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.


Produced for BBC One


Dara O Briain Meets Stephen Hawking

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