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“The name’s Bond…James Bond.” With that legendary line Sean Connery gave screen life to the most famous spy of British fiction and kickstarted a global movie franchise that continues to enjoy phenomenal success to this day. But who was the real Sir Sean Connery? This ninety minute documentary unpacks the story of the boy from the Edinburgh tenements who rose to become a bona fide international film icon…but whose relationship with Bond became complex and sometimes resentful as the years passed.


Drawing on interviews given in Britain and America during Sir Sean’s career, the programme looks at how the colossal success of the James Bond movies came to stalk Connery’s future career. Would he ever escape the long shadow of 007? The answer was yes, but only when he reinvented himself by skilfully selecting roles that reflected his age and remarkable talents as a mature screen actor. In later life he was regarded as one of the elder statesman of the silver screen, having won the respect of his peers, critics, and audiences alike.

Dougray Scott narrates this revealing documentary.


Produced for Channel 5

Sean Connery: The Man and the Movies

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