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Comic actor, wit, raconteur, diarist and radio show panellist Kenneth Williams is celebrated in this feature length documentary. Although perhaps best known for his outrageous roles in multiple Carry On films, Kenneth Williams was a performer whose hilariously mannered performances delighted audiences for decades. Touched with genius, Williams was a one off – and his unforgettable, soaring tour-de-force appearances in radio shows like Round The Horne and Hancock’s Half Hour are still widely quoted to this day.


This acclaimed film with special access to Kenneth Williams’ archive unpacks his story and features material from some of his finest work including his lauded television special An Audience with Kenneth Williams. Williams was an intensely private man whose spartan domestic life was at odds with that of a star held in such affection by the British public. As a comic performer he was unrivalled, yet always seemed dissatisfied with the notion that he was not regarded as a serious actor. Decades after his death, Williams remains one of the legendary icons of British comedy…not least because of his timeless line in Carry On Cleo  - “Infamy, infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!”. The programme is narrated by Kenneth Williams’ friend and admirer, Gyles Brandreth.


Produced for Channel 5

Kenneth Williams' Greatest Hits

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